Update From Tyler Faragallah – 2017 Scholarship Recipient

Tyler Faragallah, 2017 Alex Gilmer Flight School Scholarship Recipient

Tyler Faragallah

Please see the email that Tyler sent to us, 2 years after receiving the scholarship.

April 2, 2019

Good Evening Mr. Gilmer,

I wanted to reach out with an update on my flying progression.

Since the fall of 2017 when I got my license (the loan award helped tons with that) I’ve been busy building flight hours as my school/work schedule permits. So far I’ve managed to get roughly 100 hours, all VFR in a little Cessna 150, which proved to be an interesting challenge to safely fly in Colorado. At the time I was trying to make myself competitive for the USAF active duty pilot boards. Last November (2018), prior to the active duty boards I applied for and was selected by a Air Force Reserve rated board. This essentially allows me to commission from Det 105 in the spring of 2020 and go to pilot training as an AF Reservist, and I’m currently working with a couple AF Reserve squadrons with the hopes to fly for them after flight school. In the meantime I have gained access to a Cessna 172 to fly (which is much better suited to Colorado), and I will probably start some basic IFR training in the spirit of continued training and improvement.

I hope this update finds you well, and thanks again for the support to start this journey! I’ve attached a picture of my dad and I flying out somewhere northwest of Boulder.

Very Respectfully,

Tyler B. Faragallah
University of Colorado, Boulder
Ann and H.J. Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences
AF ROTC Det 105

As always, we are so proud of what our scholarship recipients are accomplishing!