Update From Alexander Cuellar-Moraza 2017 Scholarship Recipient

Alexander Cuellar-Moraza, 2017 Alex Gilmer Flight School Scholarship Recipient

Alexander N. Cuellar-Moraza   Alexander N. Cuellar-Moraza

Please see the wonderful letter that Alexander emailed to us, shortly after receiving the scholarship.

May 18, 2017

Dear Ms. Love and Gilmer family,

I want to thank you for selecting me for the Alex Gilmer Scholarship. It was a real
blessing for me, and truly an honor to be a recipient. My words are not enough to express
my gratitude.

On the first week of May, I was privileged to use the scholarship to fly my first solo at
Centennial Airport! Since then, I have used the funds to pay for cross-country training,
and am only 10-15 hours away from my Private Pilots License! In December, I will be
submitting my packet to compete for pilot selections for the US Air Force.

Your wisdom and support inspires me to continue to aim high. Thank you again for such
a great opportunity, and I will continue to keep you in prayer!

Alexander N. Cuellar-Moraza

Alexander N. Cuellar-Moraza