Genevieve Zasada 2016 Scholarship Recipient – Update

Genevieve Zasada, 2016 Alex Gilmer Flight School Scholarship Recipient

Genevieve Zasada

Genevieve having put her scholarship to great use, is heading towards a lifetime goal!! See her email to us below:

Dear Nancy,

I wanted to follow up with you about my recent interview at the Florida Air National Guard. The 125FW has offered to send me to under graduate pilot training where I will fly the T-6, T-38 and eventually the F-15C! I have my first and only shot to be an Eagle driver. It is an opportunity to participate in a very demanding process with many potential pitfalls, but one that will ultimately lead to a lifetime goal.

At one point in the interview I nearly teared up as I talked about how I was able to accomplish my flight training– that the Alex Gilmer Award helped me achieve this goal. I showed them my determination to be a fighter pilot, that even when the going gets tough, I am still doing whatever it takes to accomplish my dream. On Friday I received the call, “we want you to fly with us.” I accepted!

Because it will take over a year before I can start military flight training, I plan to finish up my commercial rating and earn my CFI. I love flying and to continue my flight training in the civilian world will keep me sharp and engaged in general aviation. I know I’d enjoy instructing and working with our youngest, aspiring aviators and aviatrix too.

Thank you for the opportunity to represent your organization and most importantly, Alex’s legacy. I hope I will do you all proud as I embark on this journey!

Genevieve Zasada
2016 Scholarship Recipient

Genevieve Zasada