How we Spent the Fourth Anniversary of our Alexs Passing

The Fourth Anniversary of our Alex’s Passing (2014)

Rifle Airport: Geoff, Mary & Todd Gilmer, 4th Anniversary of Alex's death Bald Eagle February 6, 2014

I had not seen Eagles in Silt since we moved here in July. Upon waking up on February 6th, I asked God if I could please bless me with seeing an Eagle today.

Todd, Geoff (Alex’s brother), and myself received a miraculous blessing…. We decided to take a drive in memory of Alex…When Todd drove out to Rifle Airport around1:00pm, he spotted a Bald Eagle in a tree. We went to the Airport to watch some planes, we dropped off Alex’s cards. We held hands and bowed our heads for a moment of Silence at 1:27pm, and then left to go to the Colorad River. Within 5 minutes, another Eagle. A Golden!

Golden Eagle, February 6th, 2014 2014-Feb-6_Buck-watchingus_076

After our cheers of Blue Moons on the river bank, I noticed a Buck spying on us. I believe God sends his creatures when we need them the most. We truly felt our Alex’s presence on this 4th anniversary of his death.

Thank you for all the love, prayers, and support these past four years.

Mary Gilmer
Alex’s Mom

“When you think of Alex, go help someone”