5th Anniversary of Alex’s Passing

We celebrated Alex’s 5th anniversary of his death by going to another one of
his many “adventurous play places”. He introduced us to the sport of ice
climbing for the Ice Climbing Festival in Ouray, Colorado Ice Park in 2003.
Our family followed him there several times. The Gazebo area where he first
climbed did not have the ice wall this year.  We have many fond memories of
our trips with our family and Alex and friends.  This year we explored Box
Canyon too.

Todd & Mary Gilmer

Alex continues to bring us all together by instilling in us to explore
God’s creation and to enjoy life to the fullest. We talked  with Gianna,
Adam, Geoff, and Gloria via phone calls.  They all were kind to themselves
on the the 6th and each had special activities planned.

Alex Ice Climbing 1-19-03
Alex, Ice Climbing 2003.

Thank you again for taking the time to send your loving messages via text,
phone calls, Facebook, etc.

Your “Alex stories”, thoughts,  and prayers gives us strength and keeps his
memory alive. Our thoughts are with all parents who have had a child die.

Love and take care of yourselves,

Mary and Todd Gilmer
“When you think of Alex, go help someone”