2016 Alex Gilmer Memorial Flight School Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our 2016 Scholarship Recipients!

Austin Gillis and Xavier Perches, 2016 scholarship recipients with Todd and Mary Gilmer.

Austin Gillis, Xavier Perches (shown above), Caitlin Walton, Gevevieve Zasada (pictured below) and Kyle Longchamp (not pictured).

Caitlin Walton 2016 Scholarship Recipient  2016 Scholarship Recipient, Genevieve Zasada

Caitlin Walton on left and Genevieve Zasada on the right are two of our 2016 Scholarship Recipients.

A special thanks goes out to all our donors!

31 Alex Gilmer Flight School Scholarships have been awarded since April 2011 totaling to $40,000.00!!!  And this is all thanks to your generous donations!