A Note from 2013 Scholarship Recipient, Mahad Fahieh

Mahad Fahieh, 2013 Alex Gilmer Flight School Scholarship Recipient

Mahad Fahieh, 2013 Scholarship Recipient

To Gilmer Family and Scholarship Foundation,

First, I would like to say it was a pleasure meeting you all at the Tri-Mil Awards ceremony last week; but most of all I would like to thank you for everything that you have done for the scholarship recipients and myself.  I feel that I can speak for them when I say receiving this scholarship means so much to us.  Not only does it help us strive closer to our goals of being aviators one day, but it allows us to keep Alex’s memory and legacy alive.  I am honored to have this opportunity and assure you that I will make my best effort to help anyone and everyone every time I think about you all and, most of all, Alex Gilmer.

I will be sure to update you on my progress through my flight training, my career in the Air Force and whatever’s in store for me ahead in life.  I want to thank you again for this opportunity and look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Very Respectfully,

Mahad Fahieh
2013 Scholarship Recipient