A Sincere Thank You From 2013 Recipient, Dillon Thorse

Dillon Thorse, 2013 Alex Gilmer Flight School Scholarship Loan Recipient

Dillon Thorse, 2013 Loan Recipient

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Gilmer:

As I re-read Alex’s bio I am again humbled by his achievements, work ethic, passion for fun and physical challenges, and his love for his family, friends, and country.  He is an example and role model that all of us receiving an award in his name can truly look up to.  It motivates me to read about how he both served his country and took ‘living life to the fullest” to a whole new level.  We enjoy many of the same activities such as soccer, skiing, hiking, back packing, and flying.  I am truly both honored and humbled to receive a flight school scholarship loan from you in remembrance of Alex.  I have already been able to fly about 10 times thanks to your efforts.  Thank you for sharing his story with me, and allowing me to be a part of his legacy.


Dillon Thorse, 2nd Lt USAF
2013 Loan Recipient