Alex Gilmer Flight School Scholarships & Loans

Alex Gilmer in the cockpitAPPLICATIONS DUE: MARCH 13th, 2020
Availability for 2020:

Scholarships –  2  ($1,000 Scholarships).
Loans –  0  (Loans).


To assist applicants in their pursuit of a career in aviation. This financial assistance will provide current and future pilots, within the State of Colorado, an opportunity to commence and complete their Private Pilot – Airplane Single Engine Land (ASEL), Commercial Pilot – ASEL, Commercial Pilot – Airplane Multi-Engine Land (AMEL) certificates and/or Instrument – Airplane rating. The award or loan can only be applied towards aircraft and instructor charges for flight training. It cannot be used for books, tuition, or other college or technical school training.4 Planes Flying

Flight Training:

Following six successful years with awarding thirty-one (31) scholarships and loans, the AHG Scholarship decided to make a change in awarding scholarships/loans.  Beginning with the award of the 2013 scholarships/loans, the Applicant will be allowed to select the Flight School he or she would like to attend. Applicants will be Alex Gilmer Preparing to Take Offrequired to submit the name and contact information of the Flight School and the Scholarship Committee will contact the school to insure they will follow the requirements of the award prior to funding the individual recipient’s scholarship or loan.

All funds (scholarship and/or loan) will be issued to the approved Flight School in recipient’s name. If all funds are not used by recipient within one year of funds being placed in the Flight School’s account in recipient’s name, said funds (scholarships or loan funds) will be released and returned to the Alex Gilmer Flight School Scholarship Fund for use by future recipients.

Application Deadline:

The application must be postmarked or emailed by Friday, March 13th, 2020.

Award Notification:

All 2020 Applicants will be notified via ‘snail’ mail/email and/or phone by March 29th, 2020.


  • Must be at least 18-years old or older at the time of application submittal.
  • Pursuing a career in aviation/aerospace science.
  • High School Graduate (or Equivalent) and/or currently enrolled or accepted to a 2-year or 4-year college/university which offers an aviation/aerospace science degree or similar, or actively pursuing a career in military aviation. Please provide details. If enrolled in a college or University, must have declared a major in aviation/aerospace science.
  • Military experience (currently in the military, any branch, senior ROTC program, or honorably discharged) highly valued in awarding this scholarship.

Application Forms for 2020: